Wrapping the Perfect Gift

Packaging is packaging is packaging you say? Not! Packaging is the introduction to the big reveal! It’s a visual of the thought you’ve put into the gift. One of the best things about receiving a gift is the anticipation of imagining what might be inside and then getting to open it. A present needs to be wrapped. Otherwise, you’re just handing someone an object!

Consider this … It’s your anniversary and you’ve just spent a small fortune on what you consider the perfect ‘made for her’ gift. You can’t just box it up in one of those cheesy little white or brown boxes. You want to give this a bit of thought and show her that you have put thought into every little detail.

Are you a DIYer? Are you comfortable making your packaging? Nothing screams, “I wanted you to have something totally unique and special,” like personalized wrapping. A quick Google or Pinterest search will reveal several great sites that will cover the best way to wrap your gift along with some really creative methods too. These may include different styles of boxes and different kinds of coverings. Here are a few of my favourites:

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts and other goods. A nice piece of fabric can become a beautiful package for your present. The best thing about it is that there are almost unlimited variations. The wrapping of the cloth itself is easy:

  • Put a square piece of cloth face down and place your gift in the center
    Tie two opposite corners together in a knot
    Tie the other two corners together the same way
    Make a second knot with the two original corners
    Now you can add some decorations, and your gift package is ready to go.

Is the gift recipient an avid traveller? Consider using old maps to wrap their gifts. It is unique and striking but also a reminder that you know them well! Another variation is printing photos on large sheets of paper and using this extremely personalized wrapping to remind them of their favourite things!

One of my personal favourites are handmade wooden boxes. You could consider one of these amazing Chinese and Japanese Puzzle Boxes which are sure to add that element of suspense in unwrapping the gift. Or you could look at these 19 Best Wooden Gift Boxes images | Wooden boxes, Woodworking projects, Wood boxes for inspiration, especially if you are handy at woodworking! Or you can purchase something handmade online. 

If you are a pro at origami, why not use your skills to create your gift box out of paper? You can make the boxes as big or small as you like and you can use a variety of cardboard and paper to decorate as you make your box.

There are so many other great ideas and you can really make your recipient feel so special! Just keep the following in mind:

  • box size you will need
    favourite colours
    different textures, like a silk bag or velvet cloth

What are your favourite DIY wrapping ideas? Why not share them below!

Note: the images above were taken from Pinterest but I was unable to link to all the owners – credit to the makers of the beautiful images I was unable to add a link to.