Inside My Jewelry Studio Setup

Step into my studio, the place where all the magic happens! Located in the cozy confines of my basement, my creative haven occupies an 8 x 8 corner of the unfinished area. This is where I bring my beads to life as a lampworker, free from worries about glass mishaps.

My Lampwork Station

My lampwork setup revolves around a practical wooden table placed on adjustable sawhorses. This allows me to customize the table’s height as needed. To protect the table and provide a magnetic surface for my workholding tools and jigs, I’ve covered it with a metal sheet and ceramic tiles. I can easily clamp my torch onto the bench, removing it effortlessly when I require different equipment.

Adjacent to my lampwork area, there’s an additional work bench where I engage in activities like hammering, soldering, pickling, and forging. This designated space ensures that anything that could pose a fire hazard is kept under control. Surrounding me are shelves holding my glass collection and tools, still a work in progress. Below the table and bench, the floor serves as storage for my lapidary equipment.

Jewelry Assembly Station

When it’s time to assemble jewelry, I have the option to use either work bench. However, before I begin a new project, I make sure to tidy up my previous work. Recently, I moved my jewelry assembly to another area in the basement to create a more dedicated workspace. Here, I have a main table and a couple of smaller ones, utilizing the vertical space by hanging shelves, baskets, cork boards, and magnetic boards on the wall. Small dishes hold beads, finished components, and samples, while my frequently used hand tools find a home in a sectioned basket at the end of my work area. Supplies and small projects are neatly organized in stackable bins.

To illuminate my workspace, I rely on gooseneck and articulated lamps, ensuring ample light to work with. And when the weather allows, I take advantage of natural light by moving my work to the patio.

So, there you have it! My basement studio is the beating heart of my creative process, where my jewelry ideas come to vibrant life. It’s a functional and comfortable space customized to my needs.

For more tips and inspiration on setting up a small jewelry studio, check out my recent blog post, “Small Jewelry Studio Organization Tips.” It’s a quick read, addressing common challenges that jewelry makers face in their studio spaces.

I’d love to hear about your studio and any setup or storage ideas you’ve implemented. Feel free to reply to this email or leave a comment on my blog post.