For years buying handmade has been on an upward trend. Many consumers across the globe see handmade as having more value, more uniqueness, more passion, and more thought in how the goods are made.

In an era where so many goods and products are machine manufactured, the need for something more personal and unique beckons. Handmade items are being sought out and purchased more readily.

When you choose to purchase something handmade, you’re not only getting that “item,” but perhaps weeks, and sometimes months, of hard work and dedication. The artisan has poured their heart, soul, and passion into their work in order to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the buyer.

For many hand-crafters, their work revolves around telling a story. It’s about the journey of the materials as they go from being just seemingly insignificant aspects to a carefully formed masterpiece. Each handmade piece might have a unique story or creative process that makes it special.

There is no comparison between handmade and mass produced. While mass production of goods has made some things more convenient and cheaper to buy, it has removed uniqueness and reduced quality. It’s like comparing a packaged cookie filled with preservatives that has been sitting on the shelf for a year to fresh, homemade cookies straight out of the oven. Which would you prefer?

This is why people today seek out handmade pieces. It’s for their uniqueness, originality, sustainability, and phenomenal artisanry that you simply can’t get with mass-produced goods.

For me, personally, my handmade items represent me as a passionate artist and my determination to share this passion with others. My aim is to give this creative part of me to others so that they can delight in the beautiful little details as they wear them or use them.

Handmade goods can be found in venues such as craft & trade shows, online store like Etsy & Amazon Handmade, and local boutiques.

You can find handmade items on my website if you’d like to support my work.