While all of the beads I make are one of a kind and unique, some beads are fairly easy to repeat. Simple beads such as spacers or rounds can be repeated fairly easily. The more elaborate beads however are not easily repeatable so they become what I call a “custom project”. One example of a recent custom project is this beautiful cake serving set. I made this set for my niece’s wedding.

Her colors were peachy pink and minty turquoise, both colors that would require blending and layering of several glass colors to achieve.

I was reasonably sure I could achieve the peachy pink but the blue .. ohman! What a challenge. Blue is such a popular hue that there must be 100 different shades of turquoise and light blue and then to get the touch of mint there’s another 100 shades of green to choose from. So I started testing my colors and finally came up with a 2 layer combination for each handle. The decoration was a series of twisted dots making bands of white and the turquoise blend for contrast.

Sizing the beads was the next challenge. Each bead was 3 inches long and wide enough to fit nicely in the hand. After several test beads I came up with the 2 beads I needed for the handles.

The end result ..

I just love how this set turned out and the colors were so incredibly close to the swatches. The set was 13 inches long and the hardware was stainless steel.

Custom orders are available. Depending on the order, leadtimes are 3-4 weeks. If you are interested in a cake set for an upcoming wedding or just something special for your own event, please contact me by email and I’ll get right back to you.