Have you noticed all the beautiful lampwork Dr. Bonnie Henry has been wearing? Yes, the majority of her beautiful, stylish necklaces have been made using handcrafted glass beads. I can’t say that any of the beads I make have found their way to her neck yet but I know several artists that can make that claim.

dr.henry photo credits –, & fluevog shoes

From her stylish, well made suits to her fabulous Fluevog shoes, there is no denying that Dr. Bonnie Henry enjoys showing her style. She is soft spoken but her style is speaking loud and clear that she is a big supporter of handcrafted and unique.

Don’t be afraid to show your style!

While lampwork will rarely be referred to as minimalist or dainty, it does make beautiful jewelry and it is trending.

Here are just a few popular items to compliment your style …