One of my favorite things to make are what I like to call “Bar Bling”!

My beaded wine bottle stoppers have long been a staple on my table at craft shows.  They’ve always sold well because they make such a great unique gift.  They are not gender specific, you can give them to anyone you know enjoys wine, they are functional, they will cap any size wine bottle, and they are a stylish bar accessory!

If none of those reasons stand out for you, get this … You can take the bead off the bottle stopper hardware and string the bead on a cord or chain and wear it!  How cool is that?

I call this “multifunctional” bling!

My Bar Bling collection also includes Swizzle Sticks, Wine Charms, Cocktail Picks, and Bottle Openers.  All of which are designed to Bling up your bar!

See something you like?  Check out my Beadables section in my store.  I’m posting new items all the time.